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Manage Your Business in Your iPad

Inspire POS presents user-friendly Restaurant POS system to boost sales and drive productivity of your bar or restaurants to delight your patrons always.

Customize Your POS on the GO

With Inspire POS, you no longer need to use static or boring POS systems. Use our customizable options to keep your employees engaged.

Several Printing Options

Drive efficiency of your restaurant with our intelligent Restaurant POS System. Choose multiple printing options to send the orders to specific printer.

Bill Splitting Has Now Been Easier

With Inspire POS, splitting bills has never been easier. Does a large party need separate checks? With some swipes and taps, you can create separate checks for all.

No Data Connection? No Issue!

In a competitive dining industry, every second counts! Our POS system is ready to serve even without connection.

Analytics for Everything

Now you can keep track on everything with easy and detailed insights provided by Analytics feature on our Restaurant POS.

Boost Margins

Boost your profit margins with our intuitive POS software. Get all the information you always need being an owner.

Insight on Bestsellers

Get a detailed insight on your bestselling items in the menu which drive your bar or restaurant, and the lowest selling items that you want to avoid.

Are You Running Low on Anything?

With our inventory trackers, you can keep tab on all the ingredients and menu items and know when you are running low.

Detailed Reports to Provide Everything

With complete and accurate information on every aspect of your business, you can easily make all the best decisions. You can get all the details about operation costs and sales.