Mobile POS System 2017-08-25T11:51:57+00:00

Inspire Mobi is developed for Mobile shop, which offers the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) tracking feature. It manages mobile and related accessories and spares.

The tradein feature of the Mobile Shop allows you to purchase mobile of all categories like new, used, tp and sign line.

The Repair features help you repair any mobile or handset. During the repairing process, if certain spare parts are changed, the receipt generated includes the cost of spare parts separately. If the problem that needs repairing is a complex one, the handset is sent to the headquarter.

The Repair feature also displays ‘Status Change’ message like “Saved” or “Repaired.”Only admin can change the status.

This unique feature also allows the customer to collect the repaired handset from any of the outlet.

The Void feature allows transaction cancellation

The View helps to view the receipt of the transaction.