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Total Control

Get complete control on retail management in your hands with innovative design of Inspire POS’s Invoicing Software.

Prepare Delivery Order

With our professionally designed delivery form, you can create your own delivery order and mail them to customers.

Keep Track on Customers

Now you can keep track on your customers by having them listed on its vast database.

Faster Bookings, Improved Cash Flow
With just one click, you can add new booking for your order. By adding a few simple details, you can create new booking within minutes.

Improved Turnaround with Quick Payments

Boost your cash flow quickly by setting up your desired payment gateway and accept card payments.

Receive Payments Automatically

By keeping record of customers and saving the card details of your customers, you can charge them automatically on weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Automated Payment Reminders

Now you can get paid automatically. The software will send a personalized “Thank You” notification to customers once you get payments.

Easy Refunds & Credit Note Management

Want to adjust an outstanding invoice? Need to issue refund? No issue! All you need to create credit note and record refund or apply the same to another billing.

No Need to Record Expenses Again and Again

Now you can avoid the hassle from expense management. Need to record expenses every week or month? Set up a recurring profile and avoid creating them again and again.

Know Where You Are Spending More

Always keep your spending on track! Get a complete list of expenses as pie chart and analyze your spending pattern quickly.